Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Hair Care

Its here! Yes summer is here and with that it brings Festival season and holidays. Oh yes and hair damage!
Lifeless, straw like hair and over processed colour are all common at this time of year what with the pounding of sun , sea salt and chlorine.
But - we can do a lot of things to combat these problems.
Firstly, get a good trim and lose all those split ends. Straight away you have healthier hair.
Want to colour?
 Get a professional colour done. L'Oreal offer their INOA colour range that uses no ammonia and is safer for the hair and scalp.
Suffer frizzy hair in humidity? Dont want those straighteners on holiday?
Brazilian blow dry is the answer. At our salon James Whitaker Hair, we are already doing loads of Coppolla's Keratin Complex Express Blow Out. It takes an hour to do,last up to 5 weeks and is great value at under £95. Fantastic for quick blowdrying on holiday, and really puts your hair in great condition.
Swimming and chlorine damage to hair?
Get a shampoo specifically for swimming and chlorine removal. A protective spray is great as well,especially if you are a blonde!
A hat. Fellas if your going a little thin on top,wear a hat. Nothing worse than a sunburnt scalp!

Off to a festival?
We know what those showers can be like!! You've got your wet wipes, deodorant but what about your hair?
Simple. Dry shampoo. Most top brands such a TIGI do a dry shampoo and these are great. They take the grease away and deodorise the hair. Great!

So here we go, some simple tips for great hair this summer.
For any advice on any of the above call by James Whitaker Hair in Enfield and ask our staff. We carry stock on all the above or check us out on Facebook at or

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