Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The English Hair & Beauty Awards 2012 Finals Show

Well what a night it was! This was our first time in such a big awards competition and already very pleased to have made the finals we all were excited and a little nervous on what to expect.
Having left London for Manchester we arrived at The Midland Hotel, the hosts of the awards and our place of stay. What a beautiful hotel and can highly recommend it if you are staying in Manchester. Apparently it's where Becks proposed to Posh! Staff were lovely and we really felt like we were treated like VIP's.
Having got glammed up and had a few photos taken in our rooms we set off to the venue room. Very nice too. Large tables, stage and the feeling of a good awards night. I was so pleased that Caroline Sanderson, my mentor from the Salon Jedi marketing course had flown down from Scotland to be there to see us and fellow students of hers that had all made the finals.
The awards started and with a few being given out we were then entertained by up and
coming singer Cusick Jnr the Scottish Micheal Buble.
The Awards Charity sponsor Katie Piper then came on stage and presented a short film of the work her charity does for burns victims. She truly is an amazing women and looking great as well.
Dinner and then on with the awards. The Salon was in Best London Salon and I was in Best Men's Stylist. Unfortunately we didn't win but runner up to Mayfair's Headmaster Group and Jamie Stevens ( X Factor, This Moning, Gok Wan and MTV ) was a pretty good result for us and Enfield.
A few more drinks and photos followed and then off to Tiger Tiger for the aftershow party. All I can say about Tiger Tiger is that they know how to enjoy themselves in Manchester!!
We have a few more competitions in the pipeline and voting for next years Awards starts in October, so watch out all the 'Big Gun' salons and stylists James
Whitaker Hair's stylists are after your crowns!! All puns intended!!!
Thanks again to our wonderful stylists that voted for us and here's to the future :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Awards Time

Its that time of year again. Awards time. BAFTAS ,Grammys, Oscars they are all upon us. Now we have a new award for the hair industry, The English Hair and Beauty Awards 2012 held in Manchester on 26th Feb.
James Whitaker Hair has been nominated and are in the final for best London Salon. This is so exciting as we have worked so hard to be able to provide a service that is second to none as well as offering the best cutting and colouring service you can get. I'd like to thank all our clients that have voted for us and of course the staff for putting such hard work in to get us this far.
Whats this mean to you the clients? Apart from having the best stylists available to style you ;) it means that we will be able to offer more services and better products for you in the future. I'm planning on working closely with other business's in Enfield to bring promotions to you all.
On the awards night I will be posting all the news as it happens over on Twitter so please follow us there for the pics and news and hopefully a trophy being picked up. You can find us at https://twitter.com/#!/jwhitakerhair and of course over at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jameswhitakerhairdressers
Thank you again and look forward to bigger things this year
All the best

Monday, July 18, 2011

James Whitaker Hair: How to choose a new salon and a new stylist

James Whitaker Hair: How to choose a new salon and a new stylist: "You fancy a change from your regular hairdresser. Maybe they've left your current salon,maybe you keep getting 'the usual' and fancy someone..."

How to choose a new salon and a new stylist

You fancy a change from your regular hairdresser. Maybe they've left your current salon,maybe you keep getting 'the usual' and fancy someone different giving you advise.
But where to go???
At James Whitaker Hair we are getting lots of new clients coming in, not just from Enfield but further afield as well. Why? I think it's because we have gained a good reputation for re design and for customer service.
Here is what you should look for in finding a new salon.

- Value. Not just the cost but the whole package. Are you looked after from the moment you call to book? Are you greeted when you come in? Do you leave feeling and looking better then when you came in.

-Advice. Do you get the advice on what style would suit you? Has your stylist advised on what products would help you recreate the style once you have got home? Do they mind you bringing in pictures to help create the look you want?

-Friendly. You want to feel comfortable in the salon. We always have a good chat and laugh with our clients,we want it to a social occasion as well as you having a cut or colour.

- Recommendation. Always good to go somewhere thats recommened. We encourage our clients to recommend friends with our 'money off' referral scheme. Also reviews on sites such as www.qype.co.uk are a great way of finding out about a salon. Check us out at  http://www.qype.co.uk/place/1289732-James-Whitaker-Hair-London

If you are looking for a new salon check us out online at http://www.facebook.com/jameswhitakerhairdressers or http://www.jameswhitakerhair.co.uk/ You can find great offers on our Facebook page and money off coupons.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Hair Care

Its here! Yes summer is here and with that it brings Festival season and holidays. Oh yes and hair damage!
Lifeless, straw like hair and over processed colour are all common at this time of year what with the pounding of sun , sea salt and chlorine.
But - we can do a lot of things to combat these problems.
Firstly, get a good trim and lose all those split ends. Straight away you have healthier hair.
Want to colour?
 Get a professional colour done. L'Oreal offer their INOA colour range that uses no ammonia and is safer for the hair and scalp.
Suffer frizzy hair in humidity? Dont want those straighteners on holiday?
Brazilian blow dry is the answer. At our salon James Whitaker Hair, we are already doing loads of Coppolla's Keratin Complex Express Blow Out. It takes an hour to do,last up to 5 weeks and is great value at under £95. Fantastic for quick blowdrying on holiday, and really puts your hair in great condition.
Swimming and chlorine damage to hair?
Get a shampoo specifically for swimming and chlorine removal. A protective spray is great as well,especially if you are a blonde!
A hat. Fellas if your going a little thin on top,wear a hat. Nothing worse than a sunburnt scalp!

Off to a festival?
We know what those showers can be like!! You've got your wet wipes, deodorant but what about your hair?
Simple. Dry shampoo. Most top brands such a TIGI do a dry shampoo and these are great. They take the grease away and deodorise the hair. Great!

So here we go, some simple tips for great hair this summer.
For any advice on any of the above call by James Whitaker Hair in Enfield and ask our staff. We carry stock on all the above or check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jameswhitakerhairdressers or www.jameswhitakerhair.co.uk

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Grooms Wedding Hair

Guys you've named the date, the brides getting everything planned and discussing her hair for the day,BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR HAIR?
Men often make a few mistakes when it comes to their hair on the wedding day. At James Whitaker Hair we like to start the discussion early on with what you can do with your hair.
#1 Dont change your style just before the wedding day. You want to be comfortable with it.
#2 Dont go for high fashion style- it will only date your wedding photo's
#3 Dont get it cut on the day- you dont want to look like you've just come out the Barbers with too sharp a cut.

We like to start talking about a year before the wedding day. This gives you a chance to try a few styles and if need be grow length.
What are you wearing? If you are having a top hat and heavy textured style will go flat or high fashion cut wont look right in a classic suit.
You want to be sure you have the right products and be able to style it comfortably yourself.
We recommend your final cut at least a week before to let it settle and offer a free neck and sideburn shave the day before the wedding.
Blood spots and a red neck dont look good!!
We work with a highly regarded London Photographer http://danieldaviesphotography.blogspot.com/
who will produce excellent pictures of your day ,so you want to look your best and give the bride a run for her money!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why buy products from your salon?

One of the most common questions we get asked at the salon is ' I can never do my hair like you can at home'
Now of course we are professionals so we do have an advantage ;) but really the most common problem is use of products.
At James Whitaker Hair in Enfield, we will do our best to explain to the client how to use product properly. Less is generally best! Too many people feel the more they have in the hair the better it will be. If you are using PROFESSIONAL products you only need a small amount. Cheap supermarket products are weaker and of a far less quality so you will NEVER achieve a salon finish at home.
Too much product makes the hair heavy and it will fall and look lank.
A little product in the right place will give you the hold you want.
Do you use the right shampoo?
The right shampoo will make your colour brighter and last longer. You'll only need a fraction of the supermarket amount so will save on the long term.

You trust your stylist to cut your hair and advise on style so why not on the products you use.
Salon hair can be achieved at home,just ask your stylist how.
James Whitaker Hair stocks L'Oreal Professionel, and Therapi products.
Ask us whats best for you,and look great everyday.